Justyne Greenlaw

Justyne Greenlaw
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What I love doing: I am very passionate about many things, one being dance. Being a dancer is such an important piece of me, enabling me to express my feelings in a way that people can emotionally connect with. Another passion of mine is acting. I’ve participated in more than 20 theatre productions in my life, and hope to become an on-screen actress as well as a stage performer.

What I want to be in the future: I usually have about 10 different ideas of what I want to do when I grow up: I’d like to be a circus performer doing hand balancing in Cirque Du Soleil; the first astronomer to find life outside of earth; a traveling cruise ship dancer; and, one of my favorites -- playing the cute “bad” girl in an action movie.

What I want to create in my life: Some things I want to create are films that present characters in more realistic scenarios, touching not only the hearts of the young, but those of all ages. I’d also love to create a dance studio that offers all types of dance, welcoming those of all ages, size, and gender.

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