7 Powers Of Creating Workshop

Cinequest is honored to present a 7 Powers of Creating Workshop & Contest, open to all national and international youth (aged 13-19). So please join us by engaging in the experiences, assignments, and contest submission below.

This experience is comprised of multiple assignments meant to engage and provoke thought-based responses that culminate in both the creation of short films and also in the empowerment of your dreams, from art to science to whatever you want to create. Each assignment will have videos and/or readings meant to elicit creative thought.

Youth are requested to turn in three (3) assignments. All youth completing the three (3) assignments (following the directions given) will be invited to participate in a creativity contest with very special prizes. All assignments turned in will be reviewed, and while a “grade” will not be given, those students that produce exceptional work will be recognized. So, do your very best with each of the three (3) assignments!



7 Powers of Creating shows the process of creating anything from art to innovation, business to personal. It takes you from your picture of what you want to create to the reality of it being alive and thriving.

Step A: Please download and read the 7 Powers of Creating eBook (ePub | PDF )

Step B: Watch the three (3) videos at the bottom of this page.

Step C: YOUR ASSIGNMENT TO TURN IN is as follows: Identify an idea/a dream you have of something you want to create and make real—it can be the idea you had when you registered for this workshop, or it can be something else you would like to bring into reality. Utilizing the 7 Powers of Creating which you read and learned about during Steps A & B (Picture, Position, Plan, Partners, Persistence, Passion, Peace) create a document outlining and explaining how each of these 7 Powers can be used to make your idea real.

For example: My idea of what I want to create is to be the Governor of California.

My PICTURE: I want to be the youngest ever Governor of California.

For POSITION: I might describe the type of Governor I want to be. What makes me unique? What experiences have I had in my life that set me apart from everyone else? Why would I be a great Governor?

For PLAN: I would list out the things I need to do, the action elements of the timeline, the step by step to take me from Point A to Point B, C, etc. in order to make my PICTURE real. Things might include: Graduate from College with a Law Degree, Build Coalitions of Support (what kind of support, how much), It might include three (3) job experiences serving my community. Think out what you need to do to realize your PICTURE, your idea, your dream.

For PARTNERS: What types of community and fundraising partners do I need? Who do I need to endorse my platform? Volunteers—to do what? There are a number of different PARTNERS that I would need to help me make my PICTURE happen. Who are they?

For PERSISTENCE: What does PERSISTENCE mean to me? How am I going to continually have the PERSISTENCE it takes to become Governor of California? Describe it? I probably need to stay healthy, surround myself with great people to help me make my idea happen.

For PASSION: Why do I want to become the Governor of California? Why is PASSION important? If I am passionate about my idea and I can show this enthusiasm to others, it will be easier to make becoming the Governor of California a reachable dream.

And finally for PEACE. Describe how to find PEACE each day, even on the days where everything is not going as planned or as wanted.

The amount of writing is up to you, but at minimum the assignment should be no less than one (1) page and no more than ten (10) pages. Include enough information that 1) It shows you clearly understand the 7 Powers of Creating and how to apply them to your idea and 2) The person reading your outline will be excited about what you want to create.

When you have completed this First Assignment, please name your file “FirstnameLastname-Assignment-1” (with of course your name, example "SteveWozniak-Assignment-1") Email your document as a WORD or PDF file to ptp-paly@cinequest.org. The subject line should be “FirstnameLastname Assignment #1”

This assignment teaches you a creative process to go through to make your ideas real. You can then apply this process to anything you want to create in your life.

You will use the 7 Powers of Creating process when you create films during the SECOND ASSIGNMENT & THIRD ASSIGNMENT. So take the assignment seriously. Read the book, watch the videos, and complete the Journaling Exercise mentioned above.

DUE DATE: Please submit as soon as you complete. Your completed journal must be emailed to ptp-paly@cinequest.org with the appropriate labeling as indicated above.


Step A: Please watch the short film Listen Up! below.

Step B: Write down your answers to the following questions:

1. If you were in a room with the world’s political leaders, including the presidents of the U.S., China, Mexico and more, and they were listening to you for one minute, what would you say to them?

2. If you were in a larger room, an auditorium, with the world’s billionaires and they were all listening to you for one minute, what would you say to them?

3. If all the world’s parents were tuned in to an internet simulcast and they were all listening to you for one minute, what would you say to them?

Step C: Using your camera or cell phone camera, record yourself answering the questions above. Please keep in mind the background for your video, and the clothes that you are wearing. This video will be part of a compilation that we will create for use online and at the film festival. BONUS: Collect additional footage (B-Roll) of your surroundings, give viewers more insight into your surroundings and environment.

Step D: Upload your footage, as Quicktime ProRes or h.264 .mov files, below (if you have any issues or cannot upload your file, please email us at ptp-paly@cinequest.org). Please name your file “FirstnameLastname-Assignment-2” (with of course your name, example "JoePublic-Assignment-2").

DUE DATE - Please upload as soon as you complete.


It's time to get creative! Complete one of the following three projects. Picture It. Create It!

Option 1: Using your phone or a camera make a 30 second to 2 minute long short film. OR

Option 2: Write a 3-10 page short film screenplay or short story. OR

Option 3: Create a project that benefits your family or your community. Take photos of the completed project and submit 3-10 photos (jpg) along with a paragraph description of the project.

Completion: Upload your footage (as Quicktime ProRes or h.264 .mov files), images (.jpg preferred), or screenplay / short story below (if you have any issues or cannot upload your file, please email us at ptp-paly@cinequest.org). Please name your file “FirstnameLastname-Assignment-3” (with of course your name, example "JoePublic-Assignment-3").

DUE DATE - This culminating assignment is due January 7th, 2016, but it never hurts to turn it in early.